Legal IT Newswire: How a product manager digitally transformed the immigration industry

Most of the immigration law firms across the globe send documents such as retainer agreements to their clients for signatures either via either email or physical mail. This process neither efficient nor secure and leads to losses of millions of dollars.
Viraj Phanse, the product management and business strategy expert at, the leader in immigration case management space, saw these challenges and decided to solve the problem. He conceptualized, built and launched an innovative product, the INSZoom-DocuSign Integration. This landmark product has digitally transformed the immigration space and has made the e-signing process available to law firms and their clients. Now law firms can use digital signatures instead of wet signatures and saves millions of dollars for the law firms. An initial study shows that such an innovation will lead to 95% more efficiency and at the same time more profitability and customer satisfaction. It will help paralegals and attorneys focus more on client needs rather than worrying about getting the documents signed.
Under Viraj’s leadership, Docusign-INSZoom integration is getting a lot of recognition globally. Senior executives like Darren Libby, VIce President at Docusign are connecting their past experiences with the innovative product that Viraj has built. As said by Darren Libby, Vice President at Docusign, “This is a great story of a new DocuSign Partner building a great integration with DocuSign eSignature. I used INSZoom myself for my L1 move from Canada to the US! Thanks Viraj Phanse from INSZoom and Scott Fisher from DocuSign, and everyone else involved!” Viraj is a world renowned innovator, and a business and product expert, who has worked at companies like Persistent Systems and at startups like Aerospike. He has built innovative cloud and data products and partnerships for global enterprises and startups at these companies. He is also a Fellow at Berkeley Angel Network and a member of Rutgers University’s Big Data Advisory Board.
This wonderful new integration by Viraj and team, that combines the capabilities of two gold standards Docusign and, will enable users to not only manage the signature process, but also be able to create templates that will significantly cut down on the overall timeline for agreement-signing activity. When one includes the added security benefits of moving the entire process to a secure, digital location, it digitally transforms the age old immigration industry and makes the entire immigration process more holistic.