Rich Rifkin to head sales at Reynen Court as the ‘App Store for legal’ enters next phase

Rich Rifkin has joined Reynen Court to launch its sales team as the company we first dubbed ‘the App Store for legal’ moves into the next stage of its development.
Rifkin (pictured right) has worked in the legal sector for over 20 years and was previously at Thomson Reuters, selling Business Development Premier, which was sunsetted at the start of this year. He has also worked at Hummingbird and OpenText.
He starts in the role of global head of sales today (1 July) having been introduced to Reynen Court by White & Case’s chief information officer Tony Cordeiro.
White & Case is a member of the heavyweight consortium that Reynen Court has been building up to develop momentum behind the platform, which will offer law firms access to a services automation platform that will allow firms to deploy computing applications without exposing them to third-party cloud environments. Access to that consortium is now closed.
Rifkin told Legal IT Insider: “My appeal to Reynen Court is my network. I’ve been working in the sector for 20 plus years and know so many people in the space and my responsibility is primarily evangelising to the law firms. We have a team of folks focusing on vendors and people building the platform but until now there has not much need to close business with the law firms but the timing is good and we’re going to start having those conversations. My responsibility is primarily the law firm IT organisations and corporate legal team. We will be fostering and managing those relationships.”
Reynen Court is ready to go into beta with four clients in Q4.
Rifkin said: “The thing I’ve been most impressed with this team is that they are so fixated on getting things right and taking on feedback and not being in a race to go to market. There is a bit of a catch 22 in that law firms want to see who is selling and vendors want to see who is buying but the beauty is that the consortium wields a lot of weight with the vendors: that’s why what Andy has done is so ingenious.”
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