Phoenix opens for business in Maastricht

And there’s more news from a post-Morae Global-acquired Phoenix Business Solutions, which has expanded its operations into the Netherlands, with a new office in Maastricht. It joins the many international offices in the Morae Global stable, including Abu Dhabi, Chicago, Frankfurt, Houston, London, New York, Sydney, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Washington and Zurich.
Chosen for its central location, Maastricht notably demonstrates the organisation’s move to invest in the EU and expand its footprint in mainland Europe. One can only speculate on some of the political drivers underpinning that decision.
Jason Heyman, newly appointed global sales director at Phoenix Business Solutions, said: “Maastricht is very central to the team that we currently have in the region, and it will provide an excellent gateway into other countries such as Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and Switzerland, so from a location perspective it’s a very strategic move as we know there is demand in the area for our services.”
He added: “The aim is to make all activities and processes very centralised. We want to ensure that any document received from Phoenix and all correspondences are unified but localised; whether it comes from the Netherlands, Germany, the US, UK or Australia. This will ensure that all Phoenix clients are provided with the same feel and service, regardless of which office they’re dealing with. We know that having a local presence is really important to all of our clients, so we are looking forward to raising our profile in the area.”
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