iManage RAVN Knowledge Jam

Date: July 10th 2019
Paul Hastings
MetLife Building
200 Park Ave
New York, NY 10166
The iManage RAVN Jam is a fun, interactive, and creative problem-solving workshop. Working in small groups you will be talking, white boarding, and post-it noting your way through pressing industry challenges. At the end of the event you will walk away with new ideas, concepts, and friends. We will also provide a useful write up of the key take aways.
The topic for the Jam is Enigma.
Throughout the session teams will be exploring the concept and application of connectivity. We’re not talking ‘connectivity’ in the sense of “WiFi issues” but rather finding and uncovering connections between people and the business. Our team of expert facilitators will guide jammers through a series of exercises designed to help uncover silos of information, experience, and knowledge throughout firms. We’ll then apply this in a creative manner towards a solution.