Prosperoware Announces CAM Integrations with Kira, HighQ, and Microsoft Office 365

In a huge development for Prosperoware’s cloud legal content management system CAM, Kira Systems, HighQ and Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online are all now supported for matter provisioning and tracking.
CAM orchestrates, manages and governs legal content systems. The impact for clients is to reduce the cost of using multiple cloud services, enabling consistent information governance across the full matter lifecycle management, from provisioning through disposition.
With the addition of Kira, HighQ, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams support, CAM now goes beyond document management systems to support a variety of legal and non-legal content systems.

CAM provides the following management and orchestration capabilities:
– Provisioning of workspaces, sites, teams and channels from eBilling, Practice Management and Time & Billing or through a workflow form with approval;
– Automatic updating of matter names and other metadata when it is changed in the system of record;
– Tracking of the workspace and site in the CAM matter directory to allow firms to understand where matter content is located;
– Automatic granting or removal of access across systems anytime someone is added or removed from a matter team including support for temporary access.
As a centralized platform, CAM provides its users with the ability to provision and track across disparate systems. Steve Obenski, chief product officer at Kira, said, “Our partnership with Prosperoware CAM enables our customers to more easily manage matter details across Kira and other supported platforms.”
“As firms continue their journey to an enterprise-wide digital transformation, they are embracing more and more cloud applications,” said Keith Lipman, CEO and co-founder of Prosperoware.
“CAM provides a unified approach to track where matter content is stored and a unified audit around administrative actions and reporting, enabling firms to satisfy their clients’ security and privacy requirements. Firms ultimately benefit from reduced IT costs and improved service through CAM’s orchestration capabilities.”