UK legal tech win: Kitsons solicitors join PracticeEvolve

Leading southwest legal practice Kitsons solicitors has become the latest UK firm to deploy one-stop-shop legal practice management solution PracticeEvolve.
Peter Creber, ICT director at the Exeter, Plymouth and Torquay-based firm said: “We were not actively in the market for a new solution but a fortuitous meeting with the PracticeEvolve team highlighted the opportunity that this product offers to really turbo-charge our use of technology within the practice and from there it was relatively easy to make a strong business case for the move.”
PracticeEvolve CEO David Boland said: “The engagement with Kitsons is particularly pleasing as, unlike many of the firms we are working with, their existing Visualfiles and SOS platforms are not under end of life notices and thus this was a decision based on the desire to make a positive move to leverage the use of our technology within the business.”
In September 2018 Setfords solicitors became the first UK firm to deploy the Practice Evolve Plus solution, see our story below for how the UK client base is growing.