Comment on Comment: Confusion and obfuscation as BT moves to sell Tikit by geoff Hornsby

Couple of points.
Tikit has had a huge impact on the legal scene. The sales and technical staff who have left Tikit over the years have appeared in multiple organisations and it was a breeding ground for really quality staff in the past.
I was really surprised to read the company accounts and would recommend others have a look at them for the hard data they contain. I agree that based on the last published results and using standard metrics they appear to be worth a lot less than before BT bought them and half of the asking price of 80m looks more likely. Also letting the world know you are selling the company is never going to generate the best price.
My final point is having been through the whole iManage/interwoven/Autonomy/HP/ new iManage scene it puts strain on product development, on staff retention in areas like support and PS and it creates customer concerns. I hope Simon gets his wish to get P4W back and if that happens I wish him the best of luck and to paraphrase – “what does not kill you makes you stronger”