DocsCorp launches cleanDocs integration with iManage SPM to link email controls to ethical walls

In its first joint product with iManage, DocsCorp cleanDocs now integrates with Security Policy Manager to link email controls to the ethical walls governing a matter in order to prevent data loss through emailing the wrong recipient.
Speaking to Legal IT Insider about the integration, DocsCorp’s president and co-founder Dean Sappey said: “This is the first time that firms have been able to link controlling emails with the ethical walls of their matter. It means that when you’re about to send an email – whether a document is attached or not – we’re checking against the matter to see if you’re allowed to email this person. It stops you sending an email to the wrong person, which is the time when things most often go wrong.”
Where some systems currently use machine learning to predict whether an email recipient is correct, Sappey said: “We’re going a step further – we’re not going to guess. We’re looking at SPM to work out who is working on the matter both internally and externally.”
If a user tries to email someone, they don’t have permission to email, a notification will flash up querying if that is the right recipient. If they go ahead and send the email, a notification will be sent to iManage’s internal threat monitor Threat Manager. Alternatively, the firm can block users from sending those emails.
Sappey said: “It just depends on how the firm wants to operate.”
You can envisage that keeping lists of external recipients up to date could end up being an extremely arduous task but Sappey says: “It’s part of the normal file opening – in SPM they decide who in the firm is allowed to see those documents and this product is an extension of that.”
The integration comes as clients increasingly demand that their legal service providers have DLP capability: data loss from emailing to incorrect recipients accounted for 15 percent of all non-cyber personal data breaches, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office.
DocsCorp and iManage will co-host an open information session at ILTACON in Orlando, on August 20, 2019, at 10:00 am (ET), in the DocsCorp Demo Room (Europe 10). The session is open to all ILTACON attendees, and no pre-registration is required.