Elevate makes ContraxSuite, Cael Project and Cael BillPrep available on the Reynen Court app

Elevate announces today (15 August) that it will make three of its technology products available on the legal tech app platform Reynen Court, which enables law firms to deploy pre-vetted, security-tested applications within their own technology environments, either on-premise or in the cloud. The three Elevate products include legal AI and document analytics tool kit ContraxSuite, legal project management app Cael Project, and paperless pro forma billing app Cael BillPrep.
“We chose to work with Reynen Court because their model helps law firms evaluate and implement new software,” said Sharath Beedu, VP of software products at Elevate, “In essence, it’s a private, curated ‘app store’ where products are pre-packaged for easy installation within each firm’s respective IT environment. This enables firms to try new systems without using third-party cloud environments, which is prohibited by many of their clients.”
Reynen Court, which is financially backed by law firms Clifford Chance and Latham & Watkins among other investors, will shortly, launch a beta version of its legal app platform for a select list of its backers, which currently include 19 major firms, to be followed later by a public launch. ContraxSuite, which Clifford Chance recently selected to power its new data lab, will be included in the private beta rollout in the latter half of 2019. Cael Project and Cael BillPrep will be added in the app platform’s public rollout, currently slated for Q1 2020.
“Elevate’s products make our solutions store more useful,” said Reynen Court founder and CEO Andrew Klein. “We are working with more than 90 third-party application developers to provide a wide range of solutions that help law firms work smarter, and one of our goals is to accelerate inter-operability between the solutions in our store.”
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