Comment on TRENDING Corrected: Reynen Court under the microscope: The beta launch and road map by A Legal Tech Innovator

A great idea for any firm wishing to explore and adopt new Legal Tech quickly and with limited risk. So far, seemingly great execution.
I do wonder how much the drive to create a standard approach will slow down innovation or make it hard to deliver. I can imagine being able to go to the market place, find the solution that I need for my firm and then get it up and running with ease …..
however, what do I do when I want to create bespoke features or extend the functionality of solutions that I have obtained from the market place? do I need to negotiate with the vendor to create a bespoke package that is deployed through Reynen Court? do I create the extended functionality myself, install this in a public cloud (or on premise) and then work out how to integrate with the Reynen Court hosted components? how is all this likely to be managed?
Without the ability to easily extend or customise solutions every firm uses the same solution. This will stifle innovation.