Legal tech win: Clark Willis selects BigHand to help mobilise workforce

Clark Willis, a fast-growing law firm in the North East, has chosen BigHand’s subscription-based digital dictation solution, BigHand Professional, to bolster its flexible working practices.
Tanya Bloomfield, a partner at the firm, said: “As a firm, we recognised the need to modernise some of our working practices and knew that being able to work flexibly whilst out of the office was a good place to start.
“With BigHand Professional, fee earners can now dictate work to our support staff whilst they’re at court, or at home, meaning there’s no time wasted catching up when they get back to the office.”
BigHand Professional also ensures that there’s an audit trail for every piece of work and dictations can be given different priorities, or assigned a due by date, to ensure deadlines are met.
Bloomfield added: “The BigHand Go app is so easy to use and has some great functionality. I was recently stuck in a traffic jam for four hours and was able to dictate some urgent work through to the office and mark the priority as ‘high’ to ensure it was picked up straight away.”
The firm is also currently testing the use of BigHand Speech Recognition with a view to decrease the amount of time support staff spend on typing tasks, and free up time for more higher-value, varied work.