Launch of the FloSuite Money Management Solution for Law Firms

Infographics today announced the launch of its specialist money management suite for law firms, built on the FloSuite framework
Infographics today announced the official launch of its latest major FloSuite legal application – a specialist pre-built suite of money management solutions for law firms that integrates with existing legal practice and document management systems.
The integrated Forecasting and Pro-forma Billing suite connects the front and back office, and replaces disjointed tools and tasks with best practice-driven workflows.
The launch comes as world-leading international law firms currently roll out the solution across UK, Middle East and European territories.
This latest specialist product release also coincides with the launch of a new FloSuite product website ( and Infographics’ expansion into mainland Europe with the opening of a new technical hub in Athens.
Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, said:
“Working in conjunction with leading legal clients, we have combined our FloSuite case and professional service delivery framework with our specialist legal knowledge and integrations to provide an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that connects the various roles, teams, systems and workflows across the billing lifecycle – and provides the ‘big picture’ of live operational status.
“The system is purposely designed to be able to run alongside different practice and document management systems, and enhance their capabilities. ROI is therefore strong, particularly in larger law firms where the solution can help drive significant efficiencies and process improvements that directly affect cash at bank, and the bottom line.”
FloSuite’s Money Management Suite empowers the front office team to undertake billing-related work previously carried out by the finance department, supporting them with automated rules and workflow, and embedding a detailed understanding of matter status and client data. Approval cycles allow finance, or other relevant teams, to input where required, and review important adjustments prior to completion.
It streamlines multiple aspects of the billing lifecycle, from forecasting revenue and cash flow, through to creation and editing of pro-forma bills. Future version will also handle the procedures involved in collecting outstanding client fees due to unpaid invoices.
Key benefits
By connecting individuals and data from across disparate departments, offices and legal business areas into one cohesive billing team, the new Money Management Suite delivers:
•Improved cash flow, revenue and collection cycles
•Increased bill throughput and quality
•Role-based targeted functions and actionable dashboards
•Configurable approval rules and levels
•Optimised data sharing across third party systems holding client data, including documents and financial information
•Enhanced integration and extended capabilities in conjunction with existing practice management solutions
Leading legal and regulatory clients manage a range of case and process management needs with FloSuite, including Revenue Forecasting, Billing, Collections, Client Matter Inception, Regulatory Investigations, and Prevention, Protection and Safeguarding. The solution is also used for administrative areas, such as employee self-service and IT help desk.
Notes to Editors
FloSuite, from Infographics, provides the only truly agile specialist legal and case management solution for law firms and regulators.
Solutions include generic case management and workflow, and specialist pre-built solutions for Revenue Forecasting, Billing, Regulatory Investigations, Client Matter Inception, Prevention and Protection, Employee Self-service and IT Helpdesk.
Clients include leading law firms in the UK and overseas, City of London regulators in finance and legal services, and the safety, regulatory and investigations teams within Fire and Rescue Services.
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