Lineal licenses ayfie’s linguistic technology to “supercharge” eDiscovery

London-headquartered litigation and cybersecurity support provider Lineal has begun licensing ayfie’s text analytics engine Inspector to improve their technology-assisted review process.
Lineal has been using ayfie for around a month. Described as a partner (and part of ayfie’s new and growing partner programme) Lineal is using ayfie within Relativity to enhance entity extraction, email threading, and predictive coding.
“We evaluated a number of alternative text analytics providers and came to the conclusion that ayfie’s use of natural language processing provides superior results in the disclosure process,” said Martin Pollard, managing director of Lineal. “What we like about ayfie’s technology is its precision in entity extraction, key terms, PII data, monetary values, etc. found in datasets. We are using their platform for use cases ranging from Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and financial fraud to the standard eDisclosure review process.”
ayfie Inspector allows the extracted text from files within Relativity to be rapidly analysed by ayfie’s linguistic engine with all results provided in fields within Relativity. All workflows occur in real time within Relativity, and there is no need to log into other systems.
“Lineal has a fair bit of disclosure work with foreign language documents. Hence, it is essential for us that ayfie’s technology works across 13 languages, including their active learning which can code on a language by language basis,” says Pollard. “Essentially what we are seeing is accelerated review from a number of angles. One feature we particularly like is their predictive search which is breaking down search results into entities extracted within the dataset. This feature makes it much easier to uncover insights.”
It should be noted that last year Lineal also signed with Nuix and we’ve not yet had the chance to dig into how that works/what Nuix specifically is being used for. But we can tell you that ayfie’s integration is with Relativity.
Ayfie, which was founded in 2016, in the summer took on a further $10m in funding to spur growth in North America and get ‘more aggressive on growth’ in the legal tech and financial tech markets. The last funding round was in 2017, with an injection of $8m from ayfie’s parent company VirtualWorks Group, which ayfie merged with in 2018. The Oslo-headquartered company’s tech competes in the same space as Brainspace.
“We are excited to continue to be a driver in the UK legal market’s adoption of innovative technologies and view our partnership with Lineal to be a necessary piece of this strategy,” said Rob Wescott, chief strategy officer at ayfie. “Lineal has a proven business model and growth trajectory which we are thrilled to be a part of. We believe that our combined efforts will only improve disclosure workflows and end-client experiences.”