Legal IT Newswire: Azzurro Associates Selects LexisNexis Visualfiles for Azzurro Law Ltd

Innovative and growing commercial debt management business, Azzurro Associates, has selected LexisNexis® Visualfiles™ as the legal workflow and case management platform of choice for its newly formed commercial legal recoveries business, Azzurro Law. Visualfiles will enable the firm to efficiently and flexibly manage the debt recovery process across the life span of portfolios handled by the organisation.
Azzurro Law will use Visualfiles for pre-legal and amicable collection, legal recovery, insolvency, disputes and enforcement. Additionally, based on defined criteria in Visualfiles, the system, together with Azzurro Associate’s leading analytics team will help Azzurro Law select the cases that offer the ‘best propensity to pay’. This capability will facilitate a successful litigation strategy, ensuring that time and effort is spent only on cases where the firm has a higher probability of making a recovery.
Karen Savage, Chief Operating Officer & Solicitor at Azzurro Associates, elaborated, “With the kind of data that the solution holds, and by applying the right logic, Visualfiles can do anything you want it to. Our data analytics team has built a commercial litigation scorecard with inputs from multiple sources of information including third-party organisations such as credit bureaus and consumer credit reporting companies. Visualfiles will automate selection of accounts that are suitable for litigation and then support the entire process, end-to-end to ensure efficiency, productivity and service excellence.”
Azzurro Law will benefit from the real-time reporting functionality provided by Visualfiles. Savage, added, “We will use the full suite of online reports in Visualfiles, which alongside our own data systems, will provide us with powerful logic on our business performance.”
“The debt recovery market is competitive, and Azzurro understands and appreciates the role that technology must play to help the firm hit the ground running, quickly scale up, innovate and differentiate from competitors,” Simon Farthing, Commercial and Marketing Director, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, commented. “The out-of-the-box thinking that Azzurro is applying in its delivery of Visualfiles clearly illustrates this. Visualfiles can be whatever organisations need it to be which is essential in a challenging market.”
With plans afoot to move into other markets, Azzurro Associates is already in discussions with LexisNexis on further scaling Visualfiles in Azzurro Law. Savage, said, “We are a flexible, agile and innovative business and so needed to invest in a technology that would support the same. Of course, we looked at other solutions on the market, but ultimately chose Visualfiles. The solution has continuously evolved over an extended period, so is functionality rich; its performance is proven; and most importantly, it can genuinely be tailored to our way of working today and in the future. Its flexibility is un-paralleled.”
About Azzurro Associates
Azzurro was formed to make a difference to the way the commercial and consumer credit industries operate. Drawn from highly successful international corporations, the Azzurro management team brings valuable experience in the management of credit impaired receivables. With leading bench-strength in operations, data management and data security, the Azzurro group provides for a reliable partner for the credit industry across their offices in Manchester, Southampton and the Netherlands.
A partnership ethos and customer journey focus inform all Azzurro’s activities. Market leading innovation in operations, legal collections & funding, data & analysis is supported by the balance sheet of a global finance house. This provides for strong engagement with creditors across the consumer and commercial credit universe.