Legal IT Newswire: AdvoLogix Speeds Communications and Enhances Calendar Workflow for Legal Teams with Fall ’19 Release

AdvoLogix®, a leading provider of cloud-based law practice and legal matter management solutions, announces new features and improvements that expand how law firm and legal department users communicate via email with matter participants and automatically associates communications with every matter, which improves productivity and eliminates risk of errors. In addition to more than a dozen other improvements, AdvoLogix has incorporated calendar and matter timeline enhancements that allow users to customize how and where they view their calendar and matter timelines to fit their unique workflows.
AdvoLogix now accommodates mass email to matter participants, eliminating the time-consuming process of sending one-on-one emails and the need to purchase additional email plug-ins. Email communications can seamlessly be sent, tracked and automatically associated with a matter from within the AdvoLogix platform. All matter participants can be quickly notified of the status of a matter, which can increase client satisfaction and decrease the time needed in the past to keep all participants up to date.
With enhancements to the calendar feature of AdvoLogix, users now have seemingly endless ways to view their calendar in a format that fits the way they work best. Users can now view calendars by hourly, daily, weekly or monthly formats, see multiday events and filter calendar entries by matters, tasks, time or events.
“At AdvoLogix, we are constantly looking for ways to add productivity-enhancing features to support the way legal professionals work today. We understand that no two organizations or even two legal professionals work the same, which is why we develop the product with multiple ways to use every feature,” says Jonathan Reed, CEO of AdvoLogix. “The calendar improvements are a good example of this philosophy. For example, you could have two legal professionals sitting side by side and working on the same matter, but the two are using completely different views of the same data. AdvoLogix is flexible enough to accommodate both needs.”
The latest release of AdvoLogix also gives users many more options when it comes to viewing matter timelines and matter participation maps. Matter timelines and participation maps can be viewed in many different areas of the application, including within events and tasks related to the matter. This gives users greater insight into every matter and more information on other events happening with the matter. The timeline enhancements also allow users to better view the status of the matter, upcoming tasks and overdue tasks.
Other improvements include easier administration of user permissions, billing and timekeeping upgrades and enhancements to document templates. More information can be found here: