Driving Teams Active Usage

Microsoft Teams is like the dream car you always wanted. It provides slick, effortless performance. Atlas is the people-first digital workspace for Office 365. Put simply, it puts you in the driving seat so people use Teams more.
Who is this event for?
CIOs, Operations and Communications Managers
Why should you attend?
Because you already have Office 365 and need to drive Teams active usage.
Speaking at this event hosted at Microsoft’s UK HQ in Paddington:
Stephen Bedford, ClearPeople – Stephen is Product Director and responsible for the day-to-day development of Atlas. He has decades of experience in the development of digital workspaces that are relevant, security trimmed sources of information which enable people to contribute knowledge with governance built in.
REGISTER NOW: https://www.clearpeople.com/events/2019/November/driving-teams-active-usage