Webinar | ILTA Product Briefing: Meet ZERØ: The Email Management Solution That Helps Your Lawyers Get Their Lives Back, and Bill More While Doing It

Have your lawyers found that, in recent years, they are working more but somehow billing less?
Mobile devices have allowed lawyers to work from anywhere at any time, but they have also introduced new administrative burdens. While most lawyers live inside of their inboxes, there is no way to seamlessly manage or file emails into your law firm’s DMS, or capture time spent interacting with those emails — causing countless lost billable hours filing these emails retroactively and leaving revenue on the table.
Introducing ZERØ: modernized and revolutionary email management and time capture techniques.
ZERØ helps lawyer productivity engines to peak, and immediately impacts law firm profitability levels by automating the administrative tasks around mobile and desktop email management. Our capabilities include:
Accurately and predictively filing emails into NetDocuments or iManage, using ZERØ for Mobile or Desktop Companion for Outlook;
Capturing billable time spent emailing from mobile devices while drafting time entry narratives;
Preventing reputational risk to your firm by warning lawyers in real-time from sending emails to a potential wrong recipient;
Providing user-friendly filters that allow lawyers to prioritize the information that matters the most to them.
And with an edge computing architecture, ZERØ is also extremely secure — no data is processed off the device, and ZERØ functions entirely within your law firm’s security perimeter. Please join Ryan Steadman, Chief Revenue Officer at ZERØ, to learn how ZERØ can help your lawyers save valuable time and your law firm generate more revenue.
Please visit the link here to register for the webinar: https://zeroapp.ai/event/ilta-product-briefing-meet-zero-the-email-management-solution-that-helps-your-lawyers-get-their-lives-back-and-bill-more-while-doing-it/