Crafty Counsel launches L&D online subscription service

If you’re not yet familiar with Crafty Counsel, it’s worth taking a look at their website, through which in-house counsel can now access online subscription-based structured learning and development via a series of videos recorded by specialists in the area. Legal L&D that isn’t like watching paint dry, yay.
Crafty Counsel’s new subscription content covers technical legal topics, as well as advice on transforming internal legal functions across legal operations and legal tech. To that end it has partnered with general counsel and lawyers from law firms and legal tech companies: current presenters include Linklaters, Simmons Wavelength, and the in-house legal teams at RBS, Vodafone Business, Lonely Planet and The Crown Estate.
The videos are organised into box-sets and playlists of bite-sized (<15 minute) studio-quality episodes to provide users with a curated library of content. Subscribers can access their watch history and download it into a report, with each video tagged against the competency requirements set by the SRA. One reason for flagging it to you now is that Crafty Counsel has been flagged to us recently by a couple of industry leaders who are impressed with the way Crafty Counsel are transforming the legal L&D experience, which, let’s face it, is often not great. Here is Obelisk founder Dana Denis-Smith MBE talking about her First 100 Years project in a free example: Ben White, a former Clifford Chance associate who is founder & CEO of Crafty Counsel said: “The legal industry is lacking accessible and structured learning & development resources. As I found in my own legal career, training does exist, but is usually expensive, hard to find, and often not putting the needs of the in-house lawyer front and centre.” Immediately prior to founding Crafty Counsel, White was group corporate counsel at the Global Fashion Group. He said: “I left my own legal career to set-up Crafty Counsel as I believed the industry could do so much more to service lawyers in this area and in a modern way. I am delighted to be able to launch our new subscription service which will give individual lawyers and entire legal teams access to on-demand learning and development video material that is both affordable and targeted to what in-house counsel really want and need to hear about.” To learn more see: