Legal IT Newswire: Feit Consulting Announces their Managed Services Evaluator: First-of-Kind Service

New York City– October 28, 2019 – Feit Consulting, Inc. a premier legal information services consultancy, is pleased to announce their Managed Services Evaluator (MSE), the industry’s only unbiased approach to the outsourcing of legal information management. This new advising service offered by Feit bridges an industry gap.
As more firms are evaluating outsourcing service models, there is a marked lack of data to help firms understand the current value of their in-house operations. Before considering outside services, it is critical the firm understands the value it is currently deriving from its legal information resources.
If it is determined that outsourcing is a potential option, MSE helps Feit clients differentiate between outsourcing providers, ultimately comparing the value and impact of in-house versus outsourced solutions. The Managed Services Evaluator provides firms with the critical knowledge required to make the best choice for this important business decision.
As law firm information services have evolved and grown to deliver cross-departmental and cross-practice value, the industry has experienced a simultaneous boom in outsourcing providers offering varying degrees of support, with hybrid and fully outsourced models for firms to consider. It is becoming a part of firms’ due diligence to investigate managed service options as part of any assessment of firms’ information services value. But the question is, who is the right party to provide such an assessment?
President of Feit Consulting, Michael Feit, comments, “Managed services discussions can be a pain point for law firms, both on the librarian side and firm leadership side. Feit’s Managed Services Evaluator is designed to help guide both librarians and management towards the best decision, starting with the right data. For librarians, our assessment can illustrate the market value of their current legal information delivery system. For firm leadership, an unbiased assessment of service providers has heretofore not even been available – as the other advisors in this space are also providing the outsourcing services under consideration. In the end, what is most valuable is putting the two together to create the right conversation – with the right information.”
To guide an unbiased evaluation, Feit presents data in neutral fashion, across comprehensive review of your existing library and external/outsourcing options if indicated.

Feit’s decades of expertise and experience in legal information consulting helps firms successfully understand their market position, including answers to these questions:
•What is the genuine value of your in-house library?
•What is the real cost of your in-house library?
•Is outsourcing an apples-to-apples replacement? Something less? Something more?
•Will my firm reduce costs, increase costs, or simply move them to a different cost center?
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