Litig puts key suppliers’ O365 integrations under the spotlight

The Legal IT Innovators Group has launched a research project to help its members gain insight into if and how key solutions provided by a number of third-party suppliers integrate with Microsoft O365, as Litig members continue to develop their cloud strategies.
Litig says that it has contacted suppliers of key solutions to understand the approach and maturity of their O365 integrations and will summarise this to help members with their strategic planning and decision-making. This will help Litig member organisations understand how these key solutions may or may not fit with O365 and their wider cloud strategy.  This is becoming increasingly important as Microsoft continues to drive adoption of O365 and Litig members are encouraged to invest in Microsoft cloud solutions as part of the Microsoft license renewal process.
David Wood, Litig director and project lead said: “Office 365 is on virtually every law firm’s agenda. It is vital that we understand the readiness and capabilities of suppliers to support this move and so Litig is coordinating this research to avoid everyone having to reinvent the wheel.”
Litig has identified key solutions to review by looking at what its members are using within their organisations.  Approximately thirty-five of the more commonly used solutions and suppliers have been targeted in this phase of the research and it is possible further phases and updates my take place in the future.  The questionnaire is short and straightforward and suppliers are encouraged to answer the questions fully and honestly.
A deadline for submitting responses has been set and the responses will then be checked, collated and presented to Litig members.  Another important output from this project is a template questionnaire and guidance note for Litig members so they can send the questions to other suppliers they deal with and gain insight into how these other solutions will work with O365.
Andy Taylor, IT Director at Clarke Willmott and Litig Director said, “Working as a team to tackle a common challenge such as this is an essential and valuable part of being a Litig member.  It saves members time and resource and provides a toolkit to do more for themselves if needed.”
Litig is a non-profit organisation specifically designed to support senior professionals involved directly in all aspects of the implementation, use and support of Legal IT systems.  It has over ninety organisations as members, mostly law firms, with a combined user population representing tens of thousands of users. Further information can be found on the Litig web site: