Legal IT Newswire: Introducing Eigen 3.0

•Eigen Technologies releases the latest version of its machine-learning-powered natural language processing platform
•Eigen 3.0 extracts data 2-5x faster and has a completely re-designed user interface that speeds-up training by 30%
04 November 2019
London, UK – Eigen Technologies, the global provider of natural language processing (NLP) technology, has released the latest version of its NLP platform. The update incorporates both cutting-edge technical innovations from Eigen’s science team and new features that address the needs of the market.
Eigen 3.0 has a completely re-designed user interface, which speeds up training by 30%. It also includes features that enable improved handling of documents inside the platform, giving users even more control over their data.
Additional improvements to Eigen’s machine learning technology in 3.0 have made extraction 2-5x faster, meaning that, on average, a user can extract 10 questions from a 500-page document in 5-7 min.
Chief Product Officer of Eigen Technologies Dr. Ashley Fidler said:
“Our customers asked us for three things in Eigen 3.0: a superuser workflow, improved performance for large teams working simultaneously, and easier document handling. Eigen 3.0 delivers all these improvements and more. We are rightly well-known in the market for the speed and accuracy of our platform. I’m delighted that we have once again built on this and further improved our speed and accuracy. I’m confident 3.0 will be a hit with our customers, who will love its ease of use, breadth of capability, and suite of APIs that they can use to make it work for them. We will be building on this in 2020 and will have further updates to come.”
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About Eigen Technologies.
About Eigen Technologies
Eigen is a research-led machine learning company based in London and New York. Our mission is to help individuals and organizations make the right decisions, and we do this by unlocking the value of their qualitative data.
Eigen automates the extraction of information from documents. Our simple, flexible natural language processing (NLP) product accurately extracts information from diverse types of documents at scale and can be integrated into our clients’ workflows. We use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns in text and give accurate answers to unique questions. This enables our clients to use data in new ways to make the right business decisions: driving down costs, finding opportunities, calculating risks, and meeting regulatory requirements.
Founded in 2014, our clients include some of the most respected names in finance, law, and professional services, including Goldman Sachs, Allen & Overy, Hiscox, and ING.