Legal IT Newswire: Bellefield Announces the Year of the Platform: iTimekeep™ Time and Compliance Platform Displaces Incumbents in 75% of New Business

Bellefield Systems, the providers of the fastest path to revenue through its time entry solutions, today announces that 2019 has emerged as the ‘year of the platform’: the company’s iTimekeep time and compliance platform which includes OCG Live ™, accounts for 75% of new site license deals in 2019, all of which are replacing incumbent technology.
iTimekeep, a cloud-first technology since its inception, has ranked as the #1 most adopted time entry solution for six consecutive years. 2019 expands this momentum to iTimekeep as the leading time and compliance platform.
As revenues outpace expenses and collection cycles increase going into 2020, Citi Private Bank Law Firm Group 2019 Client Advisory urges firms to strategically pursue 100% invoice acceptance. The increasing use by clients of Outside Counsel Guidelines, however, has complicated time entry and invoice acceptance to the point where, today, compliance with client billing guidelines is one of the most notable challenges in the legal industry.
Legacy timekeeping technologies have failed to produce a holistic solution that helps firms achieve real-time compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines and 100% invoice acceptance, and the mobility and flexibility attorneys need for superior timecard inventories. Firms have been so challenged without the right technology for compliance, they have been writing off non-compliance as a cost of doing business, some losing $15,000 a day.
Bellefield’s iTimekeep platform enables better timekeeping and real-time compliance with outside counsel guidelines firms need. Noted as one of the most Innovative Solution Providers of the Year by ILTA, tiTimekeep allows firms to achieve the best timecard inventory, leading to less rejections, increased compliance and maximum client satisfaction.
The iTimekeep module, OCG Live, is a full-service Outside Counsel Guidelines solutions which allows firms to manage guidelines, engage with attorneys, firm managers and billing staff, enforcing compliance at the point of time entry and measuring how much revenue is at risk at any point in time.
“We have a year of results under our belts now with the iTimekeep platform and OCG Live module, and the results are simply speaking for themselves. Timekeeping and compliance are a deeply felt pain and challenge throughout the industry and across firms of all sizes–we are honored and proud to have offered a powerful solution that is getting firms the results they need, and can’t wait to see more success on the horizon.” said Gabriela Isturiz, President & Co-Founder of Bellefield Systems.
Bellefield continues to innovate on behalf of its global client base to deliver tomorrow’s technology today, so that firms can remain profitable and competitive.
About Bellefield Systems & iTimekeep
Bellefield provides the fastest path to revenue by removing barriers to time entry for attorneys and law firms. Through the iTimekeep platform, Bellefield brings better timekeeping to any law firm or professional services firm by increasing attorney engagement, providing real-time compliance with outside counsel guidelines and enabling firms to manage their time entry policies. In an area that was long disregarded and accepted as a “cost of doing business,” Bellefield’s innovations are bringing about efficiencies that allow firms to achieve the best timecard inventory, leading to less rejections, increased compliance and maximum client satisfaction.
Bellefield was founded with one simple (yet powerful) purpose: create better timekeepers. iTimekeep ranks #1 as the most adopted Mobile (and anywhere) Time Entry solution for attorneys for six consecutive years. Bellefield’s founding members include the former founders of eBillingHub (now Thomson Reuters™), Gabriela Isturiz and Daniel Garcia and software veteran, John Kuntz. Bellefield Systems is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit
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