iTrain to launch legal chatbot Ali to help iManage end users at point of need

iManage training partner iTrain Legal will today (19 November) unveil a new legal chatbot service that provides end-users with answers at the point of need.

iTrain Ali (which is short for artificial learning intelligence) will answer many of the “How Do I?” questions that, left unanswered, are a common contributor to poor adoption of key business systems.

Currently, these sorts of questions are raised with in-house support and training teams, but this often causes delays to tasks or, worse still, means that users find inefficient workarounds.

The chatbot will be unveiled at iManage’s London user conference today and speaking to Legal IT Insider, iTrain’s managing director Dorigen Sykes said: “Because it’s so difficult to support people when they are using a product, there needs to be a way to give them the information at the point of need. You do all your training on iManage but then the project team moves away and the training team moves on and user adoption becomes a problem with every application.

“The fact is that the right support doesn’t exist, and the helpdesk might not be able to answer the ‘How do I’ questions.”

While there is inbuilt help and guidance built into iManage Work it is often not well used and Sykes said: “A big topic at the iManage user conference is adoption. It’s not just ‘How do I?’ it’s about being proactive and providing videos and bits of information that people need.”

While iTrain Ali is currently focussed on iManage, there are plans to broaden that out and Sykes said: “We’re trying to create a chatbot for every product and in 2020 expect to launch with Aderant and Elite.”

Sykes envisages that it will also be popular with firms that can’t or don’t bring in technology trainers.

The new subscription-based service is priced per user, per month.

While it can be used ‘out of the box’ Sykes envisages firms will want some customisation but she says: “Some will depend on whether they have restrictive or open access to documents and how they use their personal folders but we don’t anticipate much customisation.”

iTrain Ali has been piloted with a UK top 200 iManage client which is a FileSite user.

See further information in iTrain’s general release below.

How can iTrain Ali assist?

iTrain Ali is a web and mobile-based AI ChatBot that has been specifically developed by iTrain to assist at a person’s point of need.  Ali currently supports iManage but within the next few months will be extended to other core systems in use at law firms.

Designed by experienced legal IT trainers at iTrain, Ali provides iManage users with a comprehensive ChatBot environment.  Ali proactively, and on a step by step basis, assists users in using iManage effectively to complete their daily tasks efficiently and ensure that they get the best out of iManage.

“If you are looking to roll out iManage within your organisation it’s critical to ensure you bring your people along on the journey. Having a proactive Chatbot to help ensure your users are fully aware of the plans within the business, and sharing information and videos are a critical part of that journey.” states Dorigen Sykes, Managing Director of iTrain Legal.

“Uniquely, iTrain Ali analyses a user’s response to specific questions and, from this, tailors the information and answers provided so users can quickly learn at their point of need and continue to keep pace with technology change.” continues Dorigen. “Furthermore, by providing Ali in easily accessible web and mobile environments we are enabling people to get to the right information and answers quickly and without requiring the assistance of internal support and training teams.”

Geoff Hornsby, General Manager for iManage adds, “It’s great to see iTrain have developed such as useful service to assist our iManage users. The launch of iTrain Ali augments the enhancements and developments we have made to iManage recently to assist our users and confirm iManage as the leading DMS in the legal sector.”

Who can use iTrain Ali?

Working with several firms, iTrain Ali has demonstrated its value at all stages of a firm’s journey with iManage.  For firms just about to deploy iManage, iTrain is able to assist in communicating key requirements such as firm policies and marketing messages to generate excitement.  This helps people fully to understand the change and embrace the new system as it is deployed.  It is then a critical first port of call when people use the system for the first time, supplementing the ‘in person’ floor support and crucially continuing that service when project support ends.

iTrain Ali is proving equally important to long standing iManage clients, where it can assist with user inductions and ensure any system or firm updates/changes are seamlessly managed.  Ali helps also to underpin a firm’s staff skills development and training programs by proactively checking and assess knowledge, identifying gaps by providing a virtual assistant to all people at any time, whenever they need it.  It also assists by providing relevant content by way of web links to easily surface guides or videos.

“Our goal with iTrain Ali is to aid firms with their use of iManage and to help them realise the business benefits of implementing this industry leading document management solution as well as maximise ROI, user satisfaction and adoption.” concludes Dorigen. “More exciting still is that early next year we will be launching additional iTrain Ali modules focussed on other key legal applications such as practice management.

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