Legal IT Newswire: Arntzen de Besche Partners with Sysero and PSA Consulting to Automate Client Onboarding

Arntzen de Besche has teamed up with PSA Consulting to automate its digital client onboarding solution using Sysero’s workflow automation technology.
The EU Money Laundering Directives, combined with an increased focus on data protection, requires law firms to create structured and documented processes for capturing client information. Arntzen de Besche will use PSA Consulting’s Custodian Onboarding Solution, powered by Sysero’s automation technology, to streamline client onboarding and acceptance.
“We have been looking for a solution that could improve our Anti-Money Laundering process and integrate the client onboarding process with our ERP system,” says Geir Taule Dotzler, Chief Financial Officer at Arntzen de Besche. “Custodian Client Onboarding enables us to align the system to our workflow, and we believe it will improve the quality of our customer data and the Anti-Money Laundering process.”
The new digital onboarding solution will use a built-in risk matrix to automatically assess a new client against Money Laundering Act requirements. Any client that falls outside the requirements will be automatically routed to a simplified workflow for further assessment to ensure compliance and once approved, automatically created in the firm’s integrated ERP system. Every step of the process will be documented for internal quality control and compliance protection.
“Digital onboarding solutions are increasingly key to creating service differentiation, and we’re thrilled to be working with PSA Consulting to help one of Norway’s leading firms further improve their working practices,” says Phil Ayton, Director of Sysero. “Using Sysero’s automation technology, Arntzen de Besche will not only be able to reduce acceptance time, but also reduce risk by ensuring compliance.”
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