Legal IT Newswire: UK top 100 firm Bevan Brittan launches Wilson Proforma Tracker – says early results are good

Bevan Brittan LLP has gone live with Wilson Proforma Tracker software, enabling the UK top 100 firm to streamline its billing processes and increase invoice accuracy.

Bevan Brittan, like most firms of it size, produces a large number of invoices each month and turned to Wilson Allen to design a workflow using Wilson Proforma Tracker to reduce manual input and minimize inaccuracies caused by the re-keying of information by multiple users. The software integrates with Bevan Brittan’s Elite 3E practice management system, enabling the firm to save time and increase accuracy throughout the billing cycle to minimize delays in bill production and invoice delivery.

Nick Hodgson, finance director at Bevan Brittan said: “We started the project with a nine months’ timeframe in mind, which I am pleased to say we hit. We found Wilson Allen to be exceptionally responsive and collaborative throughout the project. The consulting team’s technical and functional knowledge is very high. They effectively designed a solution that meets our functional requirements with minimal customizations to reduce our long-term total cost of ownership.”

Early results with Wilson Proforma Tracker have been positive. “The software has a very intuitive user interface, so training went very quickly. Within our first couple of billing cycles with Wilson Proforma Tracker, we have been able to reduce the time spent on our billing processes,” Hodgson said. “There is less work in progress (WIP) remaining at the end of the month as we can include more time on each proforma that we produce. We’re also able to get bills out the door more quickly in part, as the solution provides our finance team with details of where proforma’s are in the overall review process and take appropriate action to release any blockages, which will hopefully result in quicker cash collection.”

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