Legaltech win: PwC rolls out BRYTER in Europe

Several PwC Legal entities in Europe are rolling out BRYTER’s no-code automation platform with a view to allowing their lawyers to automate complex legal workflows without any programming knowledge.

Christian Oehner, managing partner of PwC Legal Austria and new global legal tech leader of PwC said: “No-code platforms close the gap between legal professionals and product development teams and – more importantly – to the clients.”

It’s still not a scenario favoured by many law firm IT heads, who point out that even ‘no-code’ products need ongoing management and in many cases significant effort surrounding adoption. Creating a product is just the beginning. There is also an ongoing debate over whether costly lawyer time is best spent on product development, but here law firm leaders such as Hogan Lovells’ head of innovation Stephen Allen attest that BRYTER really is as easy to use as it says on the tin.

Guenther Dobrauz, partner and leader of PwC Legal Switzerland said: “Using BRYTER, we will be able to further accelerate, facilitate and drive the delivery of high-quality consulting services forged with interactive applications. We constantly work on enhancing our legal services as a firm and working with no-code platforms is the next piece in the puzzle.”

The proof will be in the pudding, and we look forward to hearing more a few months down the line.

We first flagged the PwC rollout in brief in November, when BRYTER announced a $6m late seed funding round.

For more details on Oehner’s appointment as global legal tech leader see here: