Live From Legaltech: iManage rolls out ‘how to’ toolkits to drive adoption

Dean Leung, chief customer success officer at iManage, talks to Legal IT Insider from Legaltech20 about the new persona-based tool kits that are being rolled out on the iManage website and YouTube channel to increase adoption.

“I’m in a fairly unique position because I’ve worked in IT and law before iManage – before  iManage I was CIO at Holland & Knight – and I spend a lot of time having conversations with myself about what are the pain points and what end users would I like to see from vendors – not just iManage but all our third party vendors. In the ILTA Survey, what really resonated with me is that of the top three tech issues, all of them revolved around change, and all three were trending up.  

What I’ve been focused on is how do you help people navigate the volume of information thrown at them. The challenge is that different people need different information at different times as they go through the lifecycle. The things people need in IT departments  differ to the needs of the end user or business owners or partner needs. Customers are saying that change is the greatest barrier to adopting new technology or new initiatives. For the past six months I’ve focused on developing tool kits based on personas.

What’s the first thing you do is if you can’t understand something? You Google it. On we have separated out content for end users and IT people and all our content is Google accessible. 

We’re also creating short videos that are a minute long to teach you how to do things. For people who missed training or need a refresher, we’ve created week one video series looking at all the things that someone new to iManage would do in the first week they join. It’s not a replacement for onboarding but it’s about training people based on their workflow rather than ‘hey, lets teach you iManage 101’, which doesn’t resonate with people anymore. People can get just in time information when they need it. 

We’ve been testing this in the field for the past little while and I’m thrilled that when I presented to a group of individuals from larger firms at the end of last year, 54% said they would be more likely to move to iManage Work 10 as a result of these tools – this is resonating because people don’t just want a product. We’re taking best practices and presenting it back to them.

The ambition is to roll this out and get further feedback. We’re focused on enabling a cross sector but are really focused on people who may not have a large IT bench. If our customers want to take ownership of the tools in-house they can.

 If you go on our YouTube site we’ve got samples. There’s a bit of a tongue in cheek cartoon and our cloud update video highlighting the new features and functionality. On your phone you don’t install apps that never change  – there will be a dozen new apps every day and tips and information to help you absorb new information- we want to shift to that model.

One of the key things I’ve been focused on is creating a playbook of the ecosystem and then once we have bifurcated that by persona, we can then present people with information – some will be in the public domain, and some will be in the form of certification where there will be a charge.

In IT we talk about communication and change management and one of the challenges is the multiple parallel streams during deployment. You need early communication to get people ready for change. I could tell you that you’ve won an all expenses trip to South Africa, but if I said the car is going to arrive in five minutes you would freeze. We are helping to remove that friction.”

See below for some of the new self-help content:

Q1 Cloud Services Update – 1 Video Series –

(This video series is focused on getting new iManage users up and running quickly. Videos range from just under a minute to two and focus on how to complete a specific task.)

iManage has also put its user documentation online and made finding information easy through a Google-like search:

Go to Users can click into popular help topics or enter a question or topic into the search bar to get task or workflow trainingIn some you’ll see written content that steps through the “How to” details. Other topics have embedded video eg:Opening a document – type in search bar and click on result for an embedded videodocument timeline – Another embedded video.How do I save a new version – yields several options of written content to choose fromYou can also navigate by clicking the links that are on the left column

iManage’s wins recently include Eversheds, and you can read our exclusive interview with IT director Will Jenkins here: