DocsCorp and RPost unveil cleanDocs/RMail integration

DocsCorp and RPost today (10 March) unveil a new integration between cleanDocs and RMail that simplifies and automates email security, e-delivery proof, e-signatures, and privacy compliance.

The integration brings the main RMail service features – Registered Email certified e-delivery proof, simplified email encryption, and e-signatures – into users’ cleanDocs email.

The combination also bolsters data leak prevention and anti-phishing strategies by combining cleanDocs recipient address checking and advanced metadata cleaning with RMail’s Anti-Whaling impostor email “spearphishing” protection.

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP has used cleanDocs and RMail for several years and Abba Abbaszadi, head of information technology, said: “Our lawyers are often working to a deadline, so the fewer pop-ups or checkboxes they see, the better. Bringing all the security and compliance features of cleanDocs and RMail together on the same screen ensures our staff can work quickly and securely.”

“We have combined cleanDocs and RMail predictive security technologies to minimize the risk of potentially embarrassing or harmful human error. It is vital to empower productivity with more security in mind – especially today,” said Joe Combs, Global Partner Manager at DocsCorp. “We are pleased to hear from our customers that we have done just that with this joint product offering.”