Free tools and assistance during COVID-19: Legatics, Avvoka, ActionStep and Tikit

The legal tech sector continues to rally to overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19, with a further raft of vendors offering customers free tools and services to help users survive COVID-19.

Legatics, is offering all new customers full access to its entire platform for free for the next six months, and is rolling-out free webinar training for both existing and prospective customers.

New customers will have full access to Legatics’ entire suite of deal management tools, including its checklist, bibling, issues list, KYC, and signing and completion modules, for free until 30 September 2020.  With law firms and their clients facing unprecedented disruption to how they typically manage and close their deals, Legatics hopes its offer will ease the burden on lawyers and their clients working remotely by providing greater collaboration and coordination on their deals.

Daniel Porus, chief commercial officer at Legatics, said: “We are mindful that during these unprecedented times, a wholesale shift to remote working has put a strain on core IT infrastructure for law firms and their clients, and added challenges to coordinating remote teams.  We have received feedback from existing customers that Legatics has helped.  Therefore, we want to ensure existing customers can take full advantage of Legatics and that other firms have the opportunity to see the benefits for themselves without incurring additional costs in what is already a financially challenging time for businesses.  As a SaaS company, Legatics can quickly onboard new customers in time for any upcoming deals.”

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Elsewhere Avvoka has moved its ‘Avvoka Academy’ workshops online and is giving users free access to the platform. Its teams in London and Singapore will be hosting these sessions via Zoom. No prior experience or knowledge of automation is required – just you and your laptop. Sessions will begin the week commencing 6th April. You can register here:

ActionStep is offering its online legal practice management express product for free for six months. It is purely for firms who do not have a PMS or have desktop software that they are struggling to run remotely. There is no set up cost required, and firms can get their data extracted for free if they do not want to continue with us after the period ends. Express has case management, document management, email management (+integrations), task management and data collection features. There are also billing and client accounting features but vice president James Shorey said: “We don’t advise firms taking us up on the free offer to connect to one of our accounting integrations as to not confuse their finances.” For more information see:

And Tikit is hosting a series of free virtual training sessions to help upskill people now working from home. The next will be held next Wednesday at 2pm and it will be on Microsoft Excel.

The session will cover working with lists: formatting as table; sorting and filtering; removing duplicates; and inserting slicer as well as information on creating formulas.


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