Kennedys IQ hires commercial development manager from Luminance

Kennedys IQ, the newly launched technology-driven company from global law firm Kennedys, has hired Luminance Technologies’ head of discovery Kimberley Davies to the role of commercial development manager.

At Luminance, in addition to product development, Davies was responsible for building the sales process, and overseeing sales and marketing globally for eDiscovery. She also launched their eDiscovery product.

At Kennedys IQ Davies will work closely with Mike Gilpin, former IT director turned new commercial director of Kennedys IQ. Her role within the newly launched business will be to build out the sales process and strategy for IQ Platform tools, as well as working closely with the lawyers to develop the technology, and helping clients with implementation of the technology.

Davies said: “Kennedys IQ is a unique proposition,  that leverages unrivalled legal expertise and technology to create tools that offer the most efficient and effective ways to get to the outcomes clients need. I am excited to have joined a team who are offering clients true, proven alternatives to traditional legal services.”

The IQ Platform currently features six smart tools that clients can switch on and off to automate or manage the day-to-day claims process: Incident Manager, Fraud Detector (formerly Ki), Portal Manager, Defence Lawyer (powered by the award-winning KLAiM system), Settlement Negotiator (formerly Cybersettle) and Recovery Manager.