COVID19 free tools: Kim Legal Assistant

Responding to the global disruption of ‘business-as-usual’ for in-house legal departments, Kim Technologies has made its plug-and-play Kim Legal Assistant available at no cost to corporate legal departments until 31 December 2020.

Kim, which is hosted in Microsoft Azure, facilitates remote working and team collaboration, the allocation and re-assignment of matters/cases, resource management, prioritisation of work and matter/case visibility. It is available via the browser in tablet or desktop.

It allows legal teams, in one platform, to allocate matters/cases; attach documents; re-assign matters/cases; track the progress of all work through matter/case statuses; monitor matter/case close reasons; make notes; send emails; and view live and trend matter/case dashboards.

While many collaboration tools are being made available for six months Kim exceeds that and at the end of December the company promises that corporate teams can stop using it without paying any licence fees. Those that continue will pay a fixed annual fee from 1 January.

You can request the briefing pack here:

In 2018 Kim signed a non-exclusive contract with Riverview Law for Riverview to use its software to deliver its managed service and project solutions on a global basis. Riverview was acquired by EY in 2018.