Morae Global and Prosperoware enter strategic enterprise privacy partnership

In a timely strategic partnership aimed at helping law firms and corporations to stay in control of their content across a growing number of systems including Microsoft Teams, Phoenix Business Solutions (now Morae Global Corporation) has partnered with Prosperoware to sell and support its CAM enterprise privacy management platform.

Phoenix’ Workspace Control – which provides administrators and end-users with a centralised console for iManage – now integrates with CAM.

CAM adds a governance layer over content systems such as Teams, SharePoint Online, HighQ and Kira Systems along with integration into the firm’s document (DMS), practice or matter management systems.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Prosperoware’s founder and president Keith Lipman said: “Law firms and corporates are now dealing with multiple systems including Teams and HighQ and there is a huge need to manage and govern all these different systems.

“Some firms are trying to work out a quick Teams deployment but it also needs to be secure and they are asking ‘How do create governance around these processes?’ If you look at the average law firm they create hundreds or even thousands of new matters a day and data is beginning to spread. The question is how do you manage that? How do you know what the team is about? Who has access to the documents? Those are just some of the struggles that people are going to face.”

He adds: “What makes Teams so attractive is its chat and real time collaboration but what happens to those documents sitting in Teams? What do you do when the matter has ended?”

Teams has seen an exponential increase in adoption following COVID19 social distancing and lockdown mandates, and is the fastest growing application in Microsoft’s history. Matt Crocker, co-founder of Phoenix and now president of Morae’s technology consulting business said: “Our clients using Microsoft Teams are quickly realising they need the same level of control and governance they already have with the DMS. We are excited to partner with Prosperoware to provide a timely solution for this rapidly growing client need.”

Morae Global’s director of marketing Eric Feistel told Legal IT Insider: “One of the things that we do with all of our technology platforms is, to the extent that our customers want that holding of the hand not just during selling but implementation, we can set up a whole managed services offering around that.”

With the expected post COVID-19 uptick in litigation and potential firesale mergers and acquisitions just another reason to stay on top of content, Lipman said: “Law firms and many legal departments use a variety of content systems beyond the DMS, such as transaction management, litigation management, eDiscovery, extranet, and collaboration. Teams is just another example. CAM provides the ability to link process with governance to enable unified management across systems. Morae’s Phoenix Business Solutions deep domain knowledge of the legal industry makes them a perfect partner for Prosperoware.”

Morae will make CAM available across Europe, the US and Australia.