Maintaining security and compliance in a remote working world, with Peter Buck from NetDocuments

COVID-19 has transformed the way we do business and accelerated the trend towards remote working: a trend that is causing us to put our technology and processes under the microscope and ask if they are really now fit for purpose.
Speaking with Peter Buck, VP of product strategy at NetDocuments, we will discuss how law firms and corporates must ensure that security is not compromised in light of the wholesale shift towards remote working. In this interactive live conversation, we will take a look at:
–Examples of how teams are working post lock down and the challenges that they are facing.
–VPN technology and its sustainability in a remote working world, where the concept of a network perimeter no longer applies. How do organisations ensure that they protect against insider attacks and have the right infrastructure and technology in place to compete? How do you find the balance between productivity and security?
–What are firms and corporates doing to resolve issues around their paper workflow?
–What steps do legal organisations need to take to (securely) digitise the way they collaborate?
–Plus, we will consider the issues surrounding office space including maintaining physical security and safety in returning to work.
–What do firms wanting to make the transition to cloud need to do now to prepare?