Fladgate swaps out Workshare compare and clean for DocsCorp

UK top 100 law firm Fladgate has swapped out its legacy Workshare document comparison and metadata cleaning applications for DocsCorp. Workshare was acquired by Litera last year.

While Fladgate will continue to use Workshare/Litera DocXtools, it has switched to DocsCorp compareDocs and cleanDocs, with the roll out taking place during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, head of information technology Chris Stedman said the swap out came because the Workshare add-ins made Microsoft Outlook crash at the firm.

He said: “We were looking at competitor products including using just Office but the way compareDocs and cleanDocs are written is much more efficient, so it wasn’t a difficult decision. They look at the underlying file structure rather than loading the application – you don’t need Word running and are able to compare between multiple versions, not just two.”

He adds: “The metadata cleaning tool is much quicker and again you don’t have to load Word in the background.”

Fladgate made the selection at Christmas time and Stedman says: “We rolled out at the end March, which did mean we have to roll out during lockdown,” adding: “It went really smoothly, we had so few problems, it was one of the easiest thing to put in.”