Solomonic launches UK claim form tracking solution

Solomonic has this week launched an advanced claim form tracking solution to help litigation practitioners keep an eye on key trends in High Court claims.

Solomonic will update users on the legal and factual subject matter of each claim, what remedies are being sought, and which lawyers are involved. The service will also allow users to track individual claims (sending notifications each time a new document in the claim is filed), or parties and law firms (sending notifications for each new claim involving that party or firm). Users can also view aggregated analytics on different parties’ litigation behaviour, for example the rate at which particular parties settle claims.

The tracking has already revealed a flurry of claims against News Group Newspapers Limited, as reported in CityAM ( Analytics on phone hacking claims shows 103 have been issued against News Group since May 2018.

While this type of offering is more established in the US, tracking and reporting on litigation in the UK is usually service, not software-based, with litigation analytics still in its infancy.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Solomonic’s managing director Ed Bird said: “The benefit to being systematic is that as the claim is issued, we start the DNA of a claim: who the claimant and defendant are and we grow data about what the claim is about, the lawyers, the value, is it COVID related -we are starting to tag that. We track the claims as they come out and do some basic analytics but we are starting to categorise and analyse them: we are doing analysis in the same way as we do for the judgement.

“You can start to ascertain what sort of claims settle. Do banks settle more than shipping companies? You can get a lot from the judgment but the value is hard to get and you can imagine it’s all the intelligence but 18 months too late. The value of our data and analytics is that it helps law firms to build leads.”