Webinar: The future of digital dictation

Legal IT Insider is holding a webinar on the future of digital dictation and related technologies in the legal profession. By ‘related technologies’, we mean such things as speech recognition, task delegation and management.​​​​​​​At the same time as these technologies are getting new lease of life – partly from technology innovation and partly as a result of an increased desire to provide ‘work from home’ capabilities – they are also under pressure from several other developments. These include:

– the increasing ability of a new generation of lawyers to touch-type​​​- the introduction of Microsoft Dictate technology as a ‘free’ add-on to, what we now have to learn to call, Microsoft 365– the development of Microsoft Teams as a tool to provide generic task delegation and management capabilities.

This webinar will be a discussion rich session and your participation is encouraged. We’ll also be actively taking polls during it and producing a short report and analysis to be available on the Legal IT Insider website.

You need to register in advance here: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/19/6vrrpu1