2020 Guide to UK eDisclosure systems out now!

eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide 2020Download

We might be in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, but there is no stopping the irresistible force that is the most definitive Guide to UK eDisclosure systems. Andrew Haslam and Legal IT Insider today (29 April) publish the 2020 edition of the “industry bible”, now in its eighth year. There have been 90 modifications to the entries, with the Guide now showing 111 suppliers and 75 products, reflecting an additional 12 companies and seven new applications. Our normal policy is to remove companies that do not provide updated information, but given the circumstances of COVID-19, there are four clearly marked entries from 2019. We will catch up with them next year.

The initial feedback on the Disclosure Pilot will have been released during the first part of 2020: anecdotal evidence to date would suggest that the focus on increased use of technology is having an impact and more law firms than ever are developing relationships with external suppliers and creating in-house eDisclosure roles. If you are thinking about going down that path, it is hoped this Guide will act as a roadmap of your options.

The The guide reflects on the impact of the COVID 19 lockdown, and how that too will impact the use of eDisclosure technology. From the experiences of the 2008 financial crisis, it’s fair to say we are looking at a downstream surge in litigation in the next few years. There is certainly a greater emphasis on the use of TAR, and some encouraging products that are focused on the “automatic” identification of personal data, linked to easy redactions functionality. Those companies with an eye to the future should invest in people and software now so they are ready for the surge when it comes. It is hoped the Guide will assist you in your deliberations.

Download the guide here: https://legaltechnology.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Andrew-Haslam-eDisclosure-Systems-Buyers-Guide-2020.pdf