Shepherd and Wedderburn first to go live with CAM for MS Teams

Leading Scottish headquartered law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn has become the first law firm to deploy Prosperoware’s integrated enterprise privacy management platform CAM for Microsoft Teams, supported by Ascertus Limited.

CAM ensures that Teams is subject to the appropriate data governance policies and provisioning so that a legal organisation has complete visibility over how content is accesses and where it is stored – including moving content into the document management system during or at the end of a matter. Additionally, users are able to quickly search and link to the channels set up in Teams, such as clients and practice areas, for their matters and projects, saving them considerable time.

Steve Dalgleish, head of technology at Shepherd and Wedderburn, said: “With the entire firm suddenly working from home, Teams was an obvious choice for a communication and collaboration tool – our clients were familiar with it and we already had Microsoft licensing in place. However, from a security standpoint, it was imperative that we did not have a proliferation of Teams in the firm and that governance was in place. Right at the start of the lockdown, Ascertus, as our longstanding technology partner, advised and supported us in implementing the Teams integration with our Prosperoware CAM solution. This integrated solution has been superb during lockdown. More crucially, it has given us great flexibility to adapt as the current work environment evolves.”

Ascertus provides tailored information and document lifecycle management solutions, on-premises and in the cloud, to professional services organisations, law firms and corporate legal departments across the UK and Europe.

“Shepherd and Wedderburn has done well to adopt a best practice approach to its use of Teams from the beginning,” Jon Wainwright, Sales and Marketing Director of Ascertus Limited, comments. “This kind of integrated approach delivers the highest level of efficiency and productivity benefits to users while automating many of the security processes so that they don’t come in the way of usability. This also enables organisations to truly optimise and derive the most value from the systems they deploy for business operation.”

In the next phases of the solution’s adoption, Shepperd and Wedderburn will explore expansion of the CAM-Teams integration that is structured for cross-practice collaboration as well as between practice groups and clients.