Legal IT product news: Tiger Eye announces DocuSign integration for iManage

UK-headquartered legal IT consultancy and iManage partner Tiger Eye has formally unveiled a new integration with DocuSign that simplifies and automates the eSigning process within iManage.
With DocuSign and iManage working together within Tiger Eye’s ‘Send and Sign’ integration, the user experience for both senders and receivers of contracts, agreements and other types of signed documentation is said to be improved. With DocuSign’s eSignature capabilities, email notifications, and the signed versions of documents can be stored seamlessly in a user’s iManage Workspace.
Paul Anand, DocuSign’s UK sales manager commented: “With many businesses still working from home, there is a growing realisation of the need to reject manual processes like signing a document and instead embrace a digital format. By integrating DocuSign with iManage with the help of Tiger Eye, we can be certain that iManage customers can take advantage of all of DocuSign’s functionality without leaving their familiar iManage Workspace.”
Dave Wilson, managing director at Tiger Eye said: “We are pleased to announce not only our latest solution, but also our latest partnership. We have been working closely with DocuSign over recent months and we are pleased to be able to share our news and our solution with the wider community. Our customers are the heart of our business, so we are delighted that our latest offering is helping our clients to save time in their day to day work, especially during this difficult time.”
You can watch a video about the new integration here: