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Intapp Integration Service Launches at ILTA>ON 2020

Intapp has announced the launch of Intapp Integration Service, which it says enables interoperability between professional services firm’s software and applications on a single platform.
Intapp Integration Service is supported by the first-ever Intapp Open API and a set of prebuilt integration processes to foster overall interoperability. Initially, Intapp plans to deliver purpose-built integrations for four major technology suites — Vuture, Thomson Reuters Elite 3E, iManage, and Dun & Bradstreet — that will take advantage of the Intapp Open API to enable key processes and data sharing; Intapp will announce several additional integration partners in the coming months.“The pandemic-related rise in remote work has highlighted the need for easy access to software and data,” said Thad Jampol, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Intapp. “Intapp Integration Service provides another step toward complete interoperability to help firms’ people, processes, and data work better together.”

Tikit announces expansion of marketing and business development offering with integration of Introhive with Tikit Connect

Tikit has announced the integration of Introhive and its Cloud-based Tikit Connect CRM system.This creates a comprehensive, connected environment to facilitate contact management, communications and relationship nurturing – at a price point that is attractive to both mid-market legal and professional services firms.“In an increasingly competitive business environment, and with the commodification of legal services, the firms that succeed will be those who have processes in place to ensure the strongest possible connection to their clients and prospective clients. This is as much a challenge for mid-sized law firms as it is for large firms, but traditionally it has been difficult to justify the investment required,” states Doug Hargrove, Managing Director – Legal – Advanced.He added: “Our aim with Tikit’s marketing and business development ecosystem is to bring together a suite of products that are each beneficial on their own but, when integrated, deliver a solution to marketing teams that helps them to manage their contacts easily. It also continuously keeps that contact data current and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make clear the web of relationships and indicate important trends in the firm’s overall relationship with target organisations.”

Relativity Celebrates Ongoing Growth of Customers’ Use of RelativityOne at ILTA>ON 2020

Relativity says that it continues to see growth of its SaaS platform RelativityOne among law firm users as well as customer use of Relativity Analytics at ILTA>ON, a virtual legal tech conference taking place August 24-28.Over the last year, RelativityOne data from law firms has grown by more than 80% as firms moved toward the platform to help them reduce costs within their e-discovery tech stacks and bolster their security profile.“We’ve seen strong growth among law firms moving into RelativityOne over the last year, which is very exciting. Not only does this demonstrate that cloud technology is a priority for the industry today, but it is a testament to how consolidating the e-discovery tech stack is one of the simplest ways law firms can drive real ROI for their entire organization,” said Mike Gamson, Chief Executive Officer at Relativity. “Moving to the cloud and taking advantage of our leading AI capabilities with Relativity Analytics will help litigation and e-discovery teams improve their ability to draw insights from their case data and create opportunities for them to grow their businesses.”

Litera Unveils Litera Litigate, Transforming How Legal Teams Draft and Collaborate Within New ‘Litera Work’ Ecosystem

Litera has unveiled at ILTA Litera Litigate, which will offer coverage of drafting, case management, and binders for litigators.Litera Litigate is the company’s latest step in litigation support which began with the launch of Litigation Companion and continued with the acquisition of Best Authority earlier this year. On August 21, Litera acquired Allegory, cementing the company’s position as the leading provider of legal workflow and workspace technology. With the addition of Allegory, Litera now offers complete coverage for every law firm, from document drafting, to transactional law, and now, litigation.Litera’s comprehensive support for legal teams is now known as Litera Work, an ecosystem made up of its workspaces Litera Transact and Litera Litigate, and its drafting workflow solutions in Litera Desktop that will surface technology in the places they need it.Avaneesh Marwaha, CEO of Litera, said, “Litera is always looking for areas of the market where we can make a difference. The acquisition of Allegory represents our entry into the litigation workspace, where lawyers can draft arguments, create digital witness binders, and manage all aspects of the case, with future versions of the platform offering forms, docketing, and filing. We want to be the solution that lawyers look to for conducting all of their matters, regardless of the type of law they practice. The Litera Work ecosystem helps firms with any document, any deal, any case, anywhere.”

TitanFile unveils host of new features

TitanFile Inc., a secure file sharing and client collaboration platform focused on the legal industry, has announced several new features that improve client collaboration, privacy, and organized file sharing in law firms. Some of these features include support for e-signatures, metadata scrubbing, and document management system integration.This year, TitanFile has helped dozens of organizations accelerate their digital transformation – including AMLAW 100 law firms.TitanFile’s new DocuSign integration allows legal professionals to send documents securely and request signatures from clients and other external parties. After the documents are electronically signed, they are automatically reuploaded to the secure TitanFile platform – which provides 256-bit encrypted, and 100% HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliant storage.TitanFile has also added enhancements to its popular Secure Send Outlook add-in which enables secure file sharing directly through Outlook. The enhancements include integration with metadata scrubbing and sending and filing emails to document management systems. The metadata scrubbing integration removes metadata from files before they are sent to ensure that no unnecessary or potentially private data is shared by accident. The document management system integration will allow legal professionals to send and file encrypted emails and keep them organized.“As a technology provider for legal professionals, we’ve witnessed first-hand many changes in the legal industry that have forced digital transformation in law firms. There is much evidence that there is a new era of client collaboration and it’s here to stay,” stated Tony Abou-Assaleh, President and CEO of TitanFile. “This product update is a leap forward in client collaboration in the legal market beyond simple file sharing and we’ve already seen a very positive response from the industry.”

Kira Systems Launches Answers & Insights, A New-to-Market Capability in Contract & Document Analysis

Kira Systems has announced its upcoming release of Answers & Insights.This new software works to interpret data and provide firms and organisations instant answers to their most pressing questions. Such capability is fully integrated into Kira Quick Study, Kira’s no-code machine learning platform, enabling for easily scalable customisation.Kira’s Built-In Intelligence comes pre-built with smart fields to accurately identify and extract over 1,000+ common clauses, provisions, and data points from contracts and documents. These smart fields are trained by Kira Systems’ team of in-house lawyers and subject matter experts who span across many legal areas and industries to unlock the insights and value hidden in contract data.Answers & Insights is a new smart field type where users will be able to train Kira to ask their most pressing questions or pick from a selection of built-in questions and get answers in the form of yes/no or multiple-choice options across their contracts and documents. Decision-makers in firms and organizations will gain a deeper understanding of what their data means, helping them make faster, smarter decisions or recommendations for their businesses and clients.“Answers & Insights represents the next level of our no-code AI technology,” said Dr. Alexander Hudek, Kira Systems CTO & Co-Founder. “It allows you to go beyond simply identifying relevant text by additionally assigning fine grained meaning to extractions. We achieve this without hard-coded rules, custom code, or human intervention, letting you truly scale your knowledge work.”

BigHand announces progressive development to its BI solution, BigHand Quantum

And BigHand has announced its latest development to its financial business intelligence solution, BigHand Quantum. Quantum Self Service (QSS) is a cube-based self-serve analytics tool aimed at power users within legal finance teams.With QSS in place, users will have access to data directly through any visualisation tool of choice (including PowerBI) to find all required data easily, without needing to consult a SQL specialist. The new development means that legal finance teams will be able to drill into key financial metrics to make more informed business decisions, backed by meaningful data, to drive profitability.As well as the QSS development, BigHand continues to build on its existing integrations to systems such as Elite and Aderant, with further PMS integrations to help fully support its clients in gaining access to its advanced BI. In order to support its progressive product roadmap, the leading technology company has also furthered its investment in development resource with three new teams for its BI and Profitability product suite.BigHand’s 2020 Legal Cash Flow Survey highlighted the lack of financial visibility available in law firms globally, with only 1 in 5 partners having access to real-time cash recovery data in the UK, and only 14% of partners in the US having access to profitability data.James Baldassarra, Head of Product (BI) at BigHand comments, “Our recent survey proved there is a gap between law firms wanting to improve their cash flow, and not having the necessary financial visibility to make informed business decisions. This problem has only intensified in the current economic climate. Now more than ever, law firm leaders need meaningful, actionable data to plan for the future. At BigHand we are committed to addressing this challenge by continually investing in product development so we can deliver robust, easy-to-use solutions that solve our client needs.”