COVID-19: UK office workers told to work from home as daily infection rate quadruples

UK office workers are being asked to again work from home if possible, meaning that law firms and organisations that have begun a slow return to the office are likely to return to lockdown conditions.
Speaking in the House of Commons today (22 September), Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We always knew that the prospect of a second wave was real and as in countries including Germany, Spain and France, we’ve reached a perilous turning point.”
A month ago, on average around 1,000 people in the UK were testing positive for coronavirus in the UK every day, but that figure today has nearly quadrupled to 3,929.
The Prime Minister added: “I wish I could reassure the house that the growing number of cases is merely the result of more testing, but the rising proportion of the tests themselves are yielding a positive result.”
Construction workers and those who cannot work from home will continue to go out to work.
You can watch the Prime Minister’s speech here: