ZERØ enters NetDocuments partnership ecosystem for improved inbox productivity

Email management provider ZERØ has entered NetDocuments ISV partner ecosystem following growing demand from NetDocuments’ customers. The partnership means that ZERØ can now integrate with the cloud-based document management system and help customers to improve productivity, particularly by leveraging its mobile email filing and time capture capability.
Using predictive filing, ZERØ automatically identifies the correct DMS destination for emails, including filing in batches where appropriate. Critically, its mobile solution helps to generate revenue by automatically capturing the billable time spent interacting with clients on a mobile device; time which is often lost.
While NetDocuments has its own email management application, ndMail doesn’t capture time and that functionality is not on the roadmap.
Speaking to Legal IT Insider, NetDocuments’ CEO Josh Baxter said: “ZERØ’s predictions are driven by content coming from the document management system. Unless you’re part of the ISV there can be no integration with NetDocuments and we’ve had a handful of customers who are interested in ZERØ including for time tracking.” He added: “Lots of dollars are lost because people were working on the subway. Within a couple of days of having ZERØ my payback period is covered.”
Automatic email filing is becoming viewed as an essential DMS add-on and of NetDocuments’ new customers in 2020, every single one has bought ndMail. Baxter said: “We believe we have the best email filing capability and will continue to evolve ndMail.” We will watch this space for any further collaboration around time capture.
“In the last few months, business process modernization has become an increasingly significant priority for us,” said Maks Agamir, chief information officer at Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley, a Silicon Valley-based mid-sized law firm and joint client of the companies. “NetDocuments and ZERØ have been critical applications for our lawyers, enabling them to increase their productivity and be more self-sufficient while helping our firm be more profitable. We’re excited about the potential of this partnership to increase our firm’s operational excellence and position us well for the inevitable future of working from anywhere.”
ZERØ now has a handful of partnerships including with NetDocuments, OpenText, and Fireman & Company.