Envision swap out: UK firm Lanyon Bowdler selects PracticeEvolve

Full service UK law firm Lanyon Bowdler has swapped out its sunsetted mid-tier Thomson Reuters Elite Envision product for one-stop-shop document, case and legal accounting software PracticeEvolve after a comprehensive pitch process. Martyn Wells has been retained as implementation consultant.

Lanyon Bowdler are a full service, 250-person firm operating across Shropshire, Herefordshire and North Wales. Brian Evans, managing partner at the firm comments: “Improving client efficiencies is going to continue to be fundamental to our success in the coming years, so selecting the best long-term partners for our firm is crucial. Having spent significant time investigating various options, we kept returning to PracticeEvolve as they simply offer everything we require for case management and accounts. In fact, there is an enormous amount of functionality within the system and even our own feature requests were quickly built into the product roadmap.”

Matt Fiske-Jackson, strategic lead at PracticeEvolve, said: “I will say this has been a long process but for very good reason – it demonstrates Lanyon Bowdler’s quite unique approach to due diligence and a very in-depth comparison. For PracticeEvolve to be selected really demonstrates our own credentials as a legal tech provider in the market. We cannot wait to get started.”

Martyn Wells, IT consultant to Lanyon Bowdler, said: “The landscape has been changing for a while but the recent pandemic has simply shifted the need for change up a few gears. Lanyon Bowdler has embedded technology into its culture as they recognise the importance of how operational efficiencies impact clients and their expectations. I believe that PracticeEvolve will deliver them enduring change and productive gains that will make them truly fit for the future.”

PracticeEvolve in February announced the acquisition of Linetime to expand its presence in the UK.