KM: Tiger Eye announces updates to Blueprint including new knowledge portal and shareable search bundles

Tiger Eye has rolled out a raft of new or enhanced features to its knowledge management platform Blueprint, including a new Blueprint knowledge portal, plus the ability to collate search bundles that can be shared as hyperlinks with colleagues. Advanced search tracking also helps KM teams to identify gaps in their libraries.

Blueprint for iManage was officially launched in 2018 – when we revealed that Al Tamimi & Company had become one its very early adopters – and has been gaining traction and attention since. Last year Tiger Eye reported that its inaugural user community meeting was hosted by BLM and saw representatives attend from firms including Slaughter and May, BLM, BDB Pitmans and Al Tamimi.

Working in partnership with the Blueprint user community for the last 12 months, many of the updates included in the latest release were nominated and verified by Blueprint users and ambassadors, before being added to Blueprint’s core release version and made more widely available.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, managing director Dave Wilson said that it was key that people don’t underestimate the importance of KM during the COVID lockdown, commenting; “Most new features are about helping people to save time and not reinvent the wheel.”

The knowledge portal helps KM teams to raise awareness of their work without relying on intranets. It enables firms to create their own, customisable intranet portal dedicated to knowledge sharing, with landing pages to enable key announcements and documents to be promoted internally. Wilson said: “When you go to Netflix to browse for a film you are looking for knowledge and can subscribe to your knowledge. If there’s changes to the rules you get an update. In the knowledge portal if there is, for example, an update to the law on pub openings you can say ‘This is our advice or our take on it.’”

He added: “You used to just tap someone one the shoulder in the office but now you’re more isolated and don’t know information unless you’re told specifically.”

The next face of the knowledge portal will be a client facing approach.

The new shareable save searches functionality means that PSLs can deliver document bundles to fee-earners to support them.

And the advanced search tracking monitors what people are looking for and will help KM managers to identify where searches are unsuccessful and where the gaps are in knowledge libraries.

Here are the updates in full in the latest release:

•             Comprehensive search functionality

An update that enables all users to search all metadata and document content within Blueprint in one right click action, with automated and customisable relevance ranking. With this, users can carry out a complete Blueprint library search within seconds.

•             Shareable saved searches

An enhancement that facilitates knowledge workers to group documents found in various search results together into collated search bundles, which can be shared as hyperlinks with colleagues. With this, for example, PSLs can efficiently deliver document bundles to fee earners to support their work.

•             The Blueprint Knowledge Portal

A new capability designed specifically to support KM teams to raise awareness for their work without relying on existing intranets which can be difficult to update and maintain. This update enables firms to create their own, customisable intranet portal dedicated to knowledge sharing, with landing pages to enable key announcements and documents to be promoted internally.

•             Advanced search tracking

Tiger Eye have enhanced their existing search tracking functionality to support firms in tracking their users’ interaction with their knowledge tools, offering in-depth analytics regarding all search queries entered into Blueprint. With this, Knowledge Managers can identify potential gaps in their knowledge libraries and be proactive in responding to demand for certain areas of know-how.

•             Related knowledge suggestions

Building upon Blueprint’s existing extensive knowledge classifications, the latest update supports the creation of knowledge journeys within the Blueprint system. With this, Knowledge Gatekeepers and Administrators can direct users from one document to another, by tagging documents as related to one another. This can be particularly useful for newly onboarded staff, who can easily navigate previous work and precedents regarding specific areas of practice in a journey that is considered and designed by the knowledge team.

•             Notifications for subscribed categories and searches

Opening up Blueprint’s notification capabilities to the wider Blueprint user base (instead of just Blueprint Administrators) this update offers Blueprint users the ability to subscribe to receive updates about the areas of the knowledge library they regularly work in, and are interested in. Enabling users to receive email alerts at regular scheduled intervals about newly submitted know-how articles that meet their pre-defined criteria, this update was designed to actively minimise search times and increase efficiency.

•             Refined document review settings

Adding to Blueprint’s existing administrative functionality, Tiger Eye have made significant enhancements to the document review settings to enable documents that regularly change (i.e. in-line with frequently updated legislation) to be updated at custom intervals, by multiple parties.  for example, firms can easily update key articles related to the pandemic; reviewing, approving and deleting documents as necessary in line with changes made to reactive guidance.