Legaltech Hub launches to “democratise legal technology”

A new website that will help legal professionals to find legal tech products and solutions across the globe launches today (13 October), founded by husband and wife Nicola (Nikki) Shaver and Chris Ford, who work at Paul Hastings and ZERØ respectively.

Visitors to the Legaltech Hub website can search for specific tools or functionality such as ‘contract automation’ and ‘data analytics’, as well as by sector such as ‘eDiscovery’ and ‘practice management’. You can also search for the language that a vendor operates in and increase or reduce fields as you go.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Shaver, who by day is managing director of innovation and knowledge at Paul Hastings, said: “If a law firm in Spain is looking for workflow automation and wants a provider that operates in English and Spanish you can click language and it will give you the language it operates in and take you to the website of the vendor.”

She adds: “The other cool thing is that we have a ‘graveyard’ section and ‘consolidation’ section, which shows which companies have died or been acquired.”  You can check out the graveyard here:

The site provides regional snapshots for the USA & Canada; UK & Ireland; Europe; LatAm & Carib; Asia & Middle East; Africa; and Australia and NZ, including listing vendors in those jurisdictions.

Shaver told us: “Our whole purpose is to democratise legal technology and stems from my role as head of legal innovation. Unless you know how to spell a company name it can be impossible to find, and if you need to provide a service to a client in a different language it’s usually not listed on the website and you have to ask the vendor; there’s no easy way for people to find this information. We wanted to create something that people can use without having to use Google.”

The site is monetised by advertising and premium listings, with a proportion of the premium listing revenue going to support industry causes and initiatives. You can check it out here: