Microsoft Teams phishing attack warning

Microsoft Teams email is reportedly being used to deliver a phishing campaign, in which users are sent what appears to be an automated message from Teams but in fact steals the recipient’s login credentials.

The attack, unveiled by email security platform Abnormal Security, see an email sent saying: ‘There’s new activity in Teams’ and making it appear like an automated notification from Microsoft Teams. It appears to notify the recipient that their teammates are trying to reach them and urges the recipient to click on ‘Reply in Teams’. However, this leads to a phishing page. 

Clicking on any of these leads to a fake website that is impersonates the Microsoft login page. The phishing page asks the recipient to enter their email and password. 

Result: Should recipients fall victim to this attack, their login credentials as well as any other information stored on their account will be compromised.

You can read that story in full here

Microsoft has not yet returned our request for comment.