KM: Lexsoft launches Bound Volumes to surface entire transactions in one

Lexsoft Systems is rolling out new functionality in its T3 knowledge management (KM) solution that will enable lawyers to surface not just specific documents, but also ‘Bound Volumes’ within which those records reside.

T3 now classifies and applies metadata and taxonomies to both the individual documents as well as the wider transaction.

“Typically, KM efforts in law firms tend to be focussed on the ability to search for individual types of documents – i.e., models, precedents, technical notes, etc. While useful, such documents individually don’t provide a complete view of all the tasks undertaken for legal cases, from start to close,” Carlos García-Egocheaga, CEO of Lexsoft Systems, explained. “This potentially hampers a rounded view on the wider ‘knowledge’ that exists around matters.”

Today, three of the top 10 global law firms are already using T3 for KM programmes.

Lexsoft provides IT and business process solutions to the legal sector across Europe, United States and Latin America. The past year has been Lexsoft’s most successful ever, thanks to the number of firms requiring extra support and updates, but also the fact that law firms are investing heavily in improving their knowledge sharing now that are now forced to work remotely.

García-Egocheaga said: “We’ve been working in knowledge management since 2006 and decided to create T3 in 2007. We have gone through a lot of years with no interest in KM in legal, but with digital transformation on one side and GDPR the other, plus need-to-know security, firms cannot search the whole document management system. Large firms in particular are now investing a lot of money and human resources in knowledge management.”

Lexsoft has been working with firms in applying a taxonomy that can then inform iManage’s knowledge graph to create smarter, curated search results. T3 applies the metadata and iManage RAVN Insight delivers advanced filtering of search results. You can read about the work they have done with Swiss firm Walder Wyss here: