Breaking news: Dan Wales joins fund Bryce Catalyst and takes on role of chief growth officer at dealcloser

DW Reporting founder Dan Wales has joined ‘operators for operators’ fund Bryce Catalyst and taken on a role as chief growth officer in transaction management platform dealcloser, in which Bryce Catalyst recently invested $1.75m.

Wales has become an investor and is part of the advisory team in Bryce Catalyst, which focuses on high growth sectors including cyber security, legal technology and regulation technology. The company was founded by CEO Cary Burch and COO Erik Baklid – both themselves operators who are raising money to help others like them. In addition to funding, Bryce is providing on hand support, which is where the likes of the chief growth officer role comes in.

“Bryce Catalyst has many opportunities for growth right now, and the addition of Dan to our advisory team is a huge win for us,” said Baklid, who was previously CEO of Ayfie. “With close to 10 years experience advising law firms on technologies, operational efficiencies and profitability gains within the Business of Law, enabling a focus on legal operations transition, Dan fits in perfectly with our strategy.”

Wales founded business intelligence and pricing company DW Reporting in 2013. It was acquired by BigHand in 2018. At BigHand he was the driving force behind the creation of a new enterprise strategic sales and account management function that focuses on the largest global law firms.

You can listen to our interview with Wales here:

And you can find out everything you need to know about dealcloser here:

Bryce Catalyst is currently raising $100 million through an SPV to invest into software companies focused in cyber security, legal technology and regulation technology. Demand for these companies is predicted to increase over the next several years. In anticipation for the capital raise and demand, Bryce Catalyst has several pre-vetted investments in its pipeline.

“The team is excited to work with Dan as we look for opportunities in the Legal Tech space,” said Cary Burch, CEO of Bryce Catalyst. “He has two successful legal tech exits making him the right voice to guide and advise us on important relationships in this industry.”

Bryce Catalyst is poised to tap into companies in the US, Canada and UK.  These targeted companies are anticipated to grow significantly over the next several years due, in part, to the disruption caused by the current global economy, COVID-19 and the opportunity to accelerate digital transformation.