DMS: UK top 100 firm Forsters goes live on NetDocuments

UK top 100 law firm Forsters LLP has gone live with its NetDocuments document management system (DMS) implementation, despite the challenges presented by COVID19.
The implementation, first announced in July 2019 at selection, is part of a broad transformation drive kickstarted when Forsters’ management brought Janders Dean (now part of Morae Global) in to introduce a change management strategy that put cloud technology at the forefront.
Verlata Consulting, a certified NetDocuments partner, led the remote implementation of NetDocuments during the UK COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. We’re told that within the first week of the implementation of NetDocuments, Forsters has been able to add 26,773 documents and 46,620 emails to the new DMS.
“NetDocuments’ robust enterprise search and machine assisted filing means our employees can find the information they are looking for in a matter of seconds. In addition, the high-levels of security provided by NetDocuments gives us peace of mind that documents are being shared safely,” said Stables, who joined in 2018 as part of the transformation drive. He added: “Both Verlata and NetDocuments have been extremely supportive during the implementation, and we are confident that we now have a cloud document management platform that will scale with our business needs.”
NetDocuments’ native integration with Microsoft Office365 allows it to be used within Office365 applications, which NetDocuments says has quickly boosted user adoption.
Jason Mills, director at Verlata said “COVID-19 certainly introduced some additional challenges in the project, especially as we were working from a different time zone, but the NetDocuments true-cloud platform, coupled with the fully engaged Forsters team meant we were able to go live and get fantastic adoption across the firm from day one”.
Guy Phillips, vice president of international business at NetDocuments said: “Legal firms can find themselves spending significant amounts of money running and maintaining on-premises legacy technology. Forsters’ implementation of NetDocuments is a fantastic example of how a true-cloud platform can enable firms to become more agile, productive and secure.”
Forsters is one of London’s leading real estate and private wealth law firms, and the company was recently recognised in The Times’ Best Law Firms 2021 listings.