The February Orange Rag is out now!

It’s been a big month for legal tech deals and investment, with Pinnacle acquiring Enable Business Solutions and DocsCorp acquiring Docuble among other acquisitions. Plus in the DMS space RPC has swapped out OpenText for iManage Cloud. We bring you a catch up of all the top stories this month, including the many movers and shakers.
There are a couple of things to note this month. The first is that we have a section for Linklaters, which continues to push the envelope through its tech arm Nakhoda. Its automation platform CreateiQ is homegrown and underpins the automation of the ISDA master agreement. Find out all the details in the issue PLUS we have an exclusive and as yet unpublished interview with Nakhoda’s head Shilpa Bhandarkar.
The February Rag includes all the details of what Microsoft is up to Microsoft 365 for Legal. And on top of our eDiscovery round up, you can watch our brand new webinar with Pagefreezer, which is a leader in collecting social media evidence for investigations and discovery.